Ben Rains lives in Bloomington, Indiana. USA.

Curiosity motivates me, and it serves as the underlying driving force for my artwork.  Photography is the most natural way for me to engage that curiosity, and it also provides me with a pretext to explore the environment and people around me.  In the process of this exploration I photograph what I find interesting and beautiful, telling its story as well as my own.



New Portraits, Excess, Bloomington, IN, USA. (March 2015)

One Punk Summer, The Owlery, Bloomington, IN, USA. (October-November 2014)

B-sides & Rarities, The Owlery, Bloomington, IN, USA. (October-November 2013)

Punkene, Fotografiets Dag at the Preus Museum, Norway. (August 2013)

The Scene, The John Waldron Arts Center, Bloomington, IN, USA. (January 2012) 

Nostalgia, The Owlery, Bloomington, IN, USA. (August 2011)

The Kinsey Institute Juried Art Show, Kinsey Institute Gallery, Bloomington, IN, USA. (April-July 2007) 

Tube Fed, Textillery Gallery, Bloomington, IN, USA. (March 2007) 

Nice Legs / Vacation '05, SoFA Gallery, Bloomington, IN, USA. (September 2005)



Pentamerous, (June 2016)

View Camera, "8x10 Portraits", pp. 34-41. (January/February 2015)

Le Négatif #19, “Tube Fed” series, pp. 40-51. (January 2012)

Unlimited Grain: Portraits, Frans Peter Verheyen, THIAPS Publications, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, pp. 112-113.  (March 2011)